Reports, expert opinion, appraisals, certificates, ...

What is it?

It consists of an objective statement, opinion, reasoned conclusion or statement of fact about the nature or circumstances that may surround any subject of our professional competence.

As an example, it is quite common when you buy a home, there are a number of defects affecting in varying degrees of quality and liveability. New owners usually draft a list in which lists these deficiencies, this listing is provided to the developer to proceed with their correction.

At this point two things can happen, that the developer repairs defects or does not do it (or do it poorly). In this second case is when you should seek expert opinion on construction deficiencies. The final purpose of this document is to be able to claim under the protection of a document signed by a qualified professional in the field of building professional.

On numerous occasions the courts dismiss claims of constructive deficiencies to not be certified in time and before the start of regular use of housing. Lacking owners of an expert report, developers and builders often exercise their right to said that the deficiencies claimed are after the delivery of the property or due to misuse or improper maintenance. It is therefore important, if the developer does not attend to the requested repairs, ask an expert these documents as safeguarding these arguments of defence.

If deficiencies are located in common elements of a condominium (leaking roofs, defective finished stairs and gates, leaky walls garage, cracks caused by structural movements, urban elements shabby ...) the process should be the same, the only difference is that the applicant must be the community and not every homeowner in particular ways.

Why choose us?

The procedural value of a report, if they have not reached prior agreements between the parties, bypasses the need for ratification in the trial. For this reason it is vital that it’s drafting and ratification is made by an experienced professional. Beyond the assessment, so that the expert report to be credible by the judge (and therefore useful to the claimants), which requested the expert is not an opinion but a technical analysis of the facts to be treated. Each conclusion expressed in the report must be based on objective data derived from own study of pathology or localized damage in buildings.

In ONZ we have technicians belonging to the group of Architects Experts and Forensic of Official Professional Association of Architects of Seville, highly qualified to perform all types of technical reports, surveys, appraisals and opinions and their subsequent defence in a trial.

What is the price?

The cost of these services varies depending on its scope (size of floor, dimensions of the homeowners’ community, assess damage ...) if you want a quote or a consultation please feel free to contact us.