About us

ONZ Studio is a firm of architects operating across Andalucia and more widely.

We are a team young and busy practice brought together a highly skilled, multidisciplinary experienced, the highest quality of design implementing and value of money.

Project success is achieved by bringing together the customer, research and our group of professionals, each specializing in different subjects. We understand the specific needs of each client to achieve a good job.

Our goal is simple: to give our customers quality projects within budget. Cost and time are a key to the development of any project. Quality is not necessarily related to cost. With good design, hours of reflection and the know how to combine the various trades needed, we can delivered more.

Sustainable design, eco-efficiency, and energy efficiency are concepts increasingly embedded in our society. Our approach to architecture is based on the principles of sustainable, economic, social and ecological design to reduce both, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

ONZ Studio understands that each client is unique and, therefore, each Project is also unique. And, in response, we try create spaces that exceed customer expectations.


Pedro González-Toruño Pérez

architect & technical architect

Technical Architect at EUAT of Granada. (1996-2000)
Senior Architect at ETSA Seville. (2000-2005)

Foundations of energy efficient appliances
Analysis Real Estate and Asset Management
Audit and Energy rehabilitation of buildings housing
Technical Inspection of Buildings
Structures with CYPE
Energy Certification Advanced Course
Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention
Strategic Project Management
Sketchup + V-RAY
Slab rehabilitation




Miguel Sibón Roldán        engineer

Antonio Alarcón Gordo    architect & technical architect

David Salamanca Cascos  architect & technical architect