Technical inspection of buildings and Building assessment report

What is it?

The Technical Inspection of Buildings (in Spanish Inspección Técnica de Edificios or I.T.E.) is a technical control they must undergo every so often buildings over 50, 30 or 20 years depending on the regions.

I.T.E. are regulated by Royal Decree Law 8/2011 of 1 July and the various municipal ordinances.

The Building Assessment Report (in Spanish Informe de Evaluación del Edificio or I.E.E) is a more comprehensive document than ITE, as well as evaluating the condition of the building, evaluates universal accessibility and the degree of energy efficiency.
The Urban Administration can require owners of property located in buildings with residential typology of collective housing that are older than 50 years.

Currently, this report is essential to solicit public support for conservation works, universal accessibility and energy efficiency and always prior to the formalization of the request for the aid. The fees for the performance thereof are partially subsidized.

The IEE are regulated by Royal Decree Law 7/2015, of October 30 and the various municipal ordinances.

Who can do it?

The competent professional responsible for do I.T.E. should be a top architect or technical architect and shall determine and certify the security status, conservation, stability conditions, sealing and home assessment of the building.

The competent professional responsible for do I.E.E. should be a top architect or technical architect, who is authorized to do so by Article 30 of Royal Decree Law 7/2015, and the others technical and practitioners to be determined in the order referred to in the final provision first of Royal Legislative Decree 7/2015.

Who is affected?

The legal obligation of conducting I.T.E. or I.E.E. is the property owner or community of owners.
The councils may require owners I.T.E. or I.E.E. and in case of no show in the time period provided by law, shall impose appropriate sanctions.

Why choose us?

In ONZ Studio we are professional, we make technical inspection and inform you about the condition of the building and corrective measures that are most appropriate for your case to meet the needs of regulations and yours.

In addition to performing the I.T.E. legally accurate your property, if needed, from ONZ can do a thorough analysis and subsequent pathologic diagnosis and propose, where appropriate, plan of action suitable for the building.

What is the price?

The cost varies according to the size and status of each building. After an initial assessment of it, we will give you a quote without any commitment.

For a free quote please send us an email stating the following:

· Number of buildings (or total area):
· Number of floors (Basement + ground floor + first floor + ...):
· Applicant:
· Contact (email and phone.)
· Comments or additional information: