Comprehensive Management

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What is it?

It is a full service type "turnkey" for you do not worry about anything because we take care of everything.

In ONZ Studio:
We studied your case and offer you the solution that best suits your expectations and budget.
We prepare all technical documentation required to obtain licenses.
You will count on a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals that will give you support throughout the architectural process, from the stage of preliminary studies to the end of the work and even afterwards.
We seek the best builder. We tender your work, we present several bids from different contractors so that, once analysed and evaluated by us, you'll choose the best one.
We handle all the administrative procedures for obtaining licenses, permits, fees, etc.
We manage and supervise the work. We are project managers, directors of execution and coordinators of safety and health works.
We seek public assistance and grants to achieve cost reduction.

This kind of service is applicable as well as ARCHITECTURE as SPECIFIC SERVICES.

Why choose us?

ONZ Studio can offer services beyond the reach of most of our competitors because we are able to manage in an integrated way all the architectural process. These services include the comprehensive service or comprehensive project management, in which we take care of optimization by all the architectural process: project, work, administrative procedures, etc., while we control costs and deadlines so you do not worry about anything.

With the comprehensive service you will know from the beginning how much it will cost to carry on your idea, no surprises, no delays, without having to perform any administrative procedure, with the highest quality and best price.

You will count at all times on a technical team that will support you throughout the architectural process, from the stage of preliminary studies to the end of the works.

Our goal is very simple: we want to give our customers quality projects that match their budget and exceed their expectations. Your satisfaction is our best advertisement.

What is the price?

This kind of service requires a first meeting so you can transfer us your ideas, so that we can provide an appropriate budget for your needs. If you want, contact us and we will travel to your location.