Energy certification

What is the energy certification of a building?

An energy certification is a certificate that expresses the energy needed to meet the energy demand of a building under normal operating conditions and occupancy.

This certification will qualify your home with a letter from A to G according to the degree of energy efficiency.

The energy certification is dated today mandatory such as new buildings as existing buildings in case you want to sell or rent.

Who can do it?

The competent professional responsible for do it should be a top architect, technical architect, senior engineer or technical engineer.

Who is affected?

The legal obligation to obtain the energy performance certificate is the property owner.

As if we were talking about an appliance, Royal Decree establishing the basic procedure for approving certification of energy efficiency of buildings includes landlords who sell or rent their house or premises shall submit the certificate of energy efficiency to the tenant or buyer. Thus, the ''energy label' of buildings will take value in decisions of purchase and rental homes.

Why choose us?

In ONZ Studio are specialize in energy certification and energy rehabilitation of buildings, premises and homes, to improve the technical characteristics or adapt those characteristics to existing legislation in order to save on your energy consumption, enhance the market price of your house and win quality of life .

If you want to improve the energy rating of the building, premises or property, we will make an energy rehabilitation project according to your resources and needs, with the following advantages:

Improving the energy rating.
Decrease consumption of air conditioning, hot water and lighting, reducing their bills and thus amortizing the investment in rehabilitation.
Revalue your home on the market.
Reduce CO2 emissions.
The prices of electricity and fuels such as natural gas evolve an uptrend due to the perishable nature of non-renewable energy and liberalization of sector. In the past five years the price of gas and electricity have increased by about 15%. Households have great potential for energy savings. It is estimated that by applying solutions energy efficiency and changing some habits, it could reach 40% savings on electricity bills and up to 70% saving solutions by applying hot water.
Because of this reduction of energy consumption in buildings you are not only able to reduce the impact on the environment and make more sustainable planet on which we live, but reduces energy bill you will pay monthly.

What is the price?

The cost of energy certification varies according to the size and status of each building. After an initial assessment of it, will give you a quote without any commitment fee.
For a free quote please send us an email stating the following:
· Number of buildings (or total area):
· Number of floors (Basement + ground floor + first floor + ...):
· Applicant:
· Contact (email and phone.)
· Comments or additional information:

Are there subsidy?

The Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Job of Andalusia promotes the culture of energy conservation and use of renewable energy in the Andalusian homes, through the Andalusian Energy Agency. Since 2009 has been allocated more than 54 million in grants program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia, "Andalucía A +".